Bean Thinking is a personal fullsizeoutput_1e59development program designed to help you be you, but with more skills on board to get the most from every day. It is a program developed to open minds to new thinking and to show you that there is more than one way to peel an orange! Sounds like a grand statement but one that many of our course attendees agree with! Please see the testimonials

We lead a series of sessions where we take time to understand ourselves a little better looking at our motivations and our core values and then using this information we deliver workshops on a variety of different topics from dealing with confrontation to how to handle tricky situations. Where to find happiness and how to sustain it! Each course tailored to make sure we cater to the needs of those people attending the workshops. It is a thoughtful program designed using proven corporate training techniques and the power of positive psychology all wrapped up with some neat mindfulness understanding! The intention is to help make the world a little less confusing and to offer new skills and new tricks to make that a reality.

The whole program is delivered by the “Thought Provoker” Jane Watkins and the “Ever Positive” (Unless it’s a full moon) Lizzie Skinner. Who deliver the program in a light hearted, friendly, safe and nonjudgemental environment, scattering it with laughter! We are great believers that if it is not fun, why do it!! So we endeavour to keep the sessions light… Even though the content is serious stuff!

We currently run the program on a group basis follow the link upcoming dates!

We can deliver the learning pretty much anywhere, so if you think our thinking can make a difference in your world. Whether that is a group of friends, a school environment or the office please get in touch and simply ask the questions!! Always happy to help..

01285 752679 (Jane)

01285 750716 (Lizzie)

Where there is a will there is definitely a way!!

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