A little bit more about the “Bean Thinking” program that we currently run for individuals wishing to learn more about themselves and equip themselves with new skills and thinking to lead a sunnier life….

The next program starting in September, and what better time… A time to let go and renew yourself. Cost £150 with a £30 non refundable deposit to secure your place.

Starting at 7.30pm and finishing at 9.30pm ish. All the workshops take place in Quenington. We can share the address details nearer the time. (Very James Bond!! 🙂 )

Dates of the next course are –

All Tuesdays

10th September
17th September
24th September
2nd October
9th October
16th October

Herewith an overview of what to expect during the program.

Week 1:
  • Introducing PERMA model of Happiness. The first workshop of the course, introduces you to the power of “Positivity” and all that that means.
  • Explores the Science of Happiness
  • SDI results and break down. (The SDI is a questionnaire we send out to all course attendees before the start of the course… The results show us how you are motivated and how this effects your thinking and actions! We use this alongside the VIA…. Which is a value based questionnaire. Sounds complicated!! It isn’t…. Just a really useful insight into what makes you tick and how we can keep that tick a-glowing!!)
Week 2:
  • Mindful awareness of when life becomes stormy… and how to find the way back to the sunshine!
  • Explore the  “E” Engagement of the PERMA model and finding “Flow”
  • Looking at and understanding your VIA results
Week 3:
  • All about Relationships….
  • How to have meaningful conversations
  • Understanding each other and ourselves
  • Deepening and nurturing existing relationships. At home, at work, in life
Week 4:
  • Still looking at “R” relationships…. But when they become a little more complicated!
  • Dealing with and choosing confrontation…
  • Are we saying “Yes” to the right things? Are we saying “No” enough?
Week 5:
  • Bringing the “R” Relationships to an end (Not literally!!) by using real life examples and using our new skills and models making sense of them!
  • How to find “M” Meaning in your world that resonates with you….
Week 6:
  • Exploring the “A” Accomplishments – Making plans!
  • Bringing all the learning together and consolidating it!
The whole program is full of lots of really useful tools and understanding, both from a mindful edge and a practical application. It is authentic. Both Jane and I great believers and practicing “Bean Thinkers”!
We deliver the program with lots of creative tasks, from writing poetry to group exercises!  Using laughter and real life examples to show how the learning can really impact on your world! Energy always a key component…  Keeping the learning fun, dynamic and interesting! We have been known to solve a problem or 2 during the programs duration!
Cost for the course is £150. This covers all the course materials, questionnaires etc. We are more than happy to help outside of the workshops too. You just need to drop us a line!! You can pay up front via back/cheques/cash… or in installments. Whatever works for you!
We are genuinely committed to offering a course that fills you up with knowledge, arms you with sunshine and gets you back out to the world , with more confidence in your step, laughter in your heart and the strength to create dreams and fly towards them… Enjoying the view on the way! The content sounds a bit dry… But although it is serious stuff we do deliver it with a sprinkling of glitter and laughter too!!
Any questions…. Of course drop us a line!